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7.5" Weight Disc #WD7.5
7.5" Weight Disc
7.5" Weight Disc
The 7.5" Weight Disc is for use with The Incredible Egg Washer, it holds smaller loads of eggs (1-2 dz.) securely in place while being cleaned. Does not allow eggs to float freely and crack.

7.5 & 8.5 Weight Disc
7.5 & 8.5 Weight Disc
  • Made to Hold Smaller Load of Eggs Safely In Place
  • Wire Coating Throughout
  • For Use When Washing 1-2 Dozen Eggs
  • For Use With The Incredible Egg Washer


Weight:1.00 lb.

Manufactured by:Mfg. for Fall Harvest Products™

Additional Information:8.5" Weight Disc Available

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Made in Canada

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Description 7.5" Weight Disc #WD7.5

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